New milestone for Herpa

It was already in the air during the past few weeks: Herpa is launching a new website at the turn of the month. This very comprehensive project includes a lot of improvements: now, the entire website is bilingual (German and English), the shop is much more clearly arranged, and the Herpa magazines as well as the product archive are available online for everyone without any access restriction.

The new Herpa website has been completely reprogrammed and redesigned – with a clearer and more comprehensible menu structure. The filter options have also been improved. In addition, it is again completely bilingual. This is a much bigger project for the family-owned company than it appears from the outside. Virtually all departments have been involved in the project and have contributed their know-how. “We tried to implement everything that our customers wanted”, explains Managing Director Hermann Prinz zu Leiningen. To this end, we conducted several surveys among customers and readers of the magazines in the run-up to the project. Many ideas were taken into account during implementation. Unfortunately, however, the implementation took much longer than we would have liked. One of the reasons for this was that interfaces had to be adapted or data cleaned up for the conversion.

The online shop

The new online shop is now arranged much more clearly. For all new releases, there are five pictures with the different perspectives. These images can also be enlarged for a closer look at the details. In addition, we now list more product features than before. The payment process is also easier, you can now choose from five options. For each purchase, you collect points, which will give you more benefits in our club: there are three different discount levels; in addition, these points will provide you with the exclusive right to purchase our highly coveted Club models. These are produced especially for the Club and will be released in the same rhythm as before. In addition, there are exclusive special models in the online shop, for example from industrial orders, regional special models, or rare items. One of our customers’ wishes was to be able to pre-order new releases that have been announced. This is also possible with the new online shop.

The digital magazines

The new website also marks the beginning of the digital age of our magazines DER MASS:STAB and WingsWorld. You can easily find them in the section “Herpa magazines”. There, you will find a wide variety of articles in different sections, just as you are used to. In the future, everyone will be able to read the magazines, because there will no longer be an access restriction. A new article will be released every week.

The wish of many collectors

Our product archive, which has been requested by many, is now finally back. There, everyone can search for all models that are no longer available – even without restriction of access. The data has been extensively checked and revised – 26,000 models can be found in the archive. Further data will be added and updated in the future. However, not for all the data, several pictures and the extensive information are available, which is what we offer now with our new releases. This is simply due to the fact that less data was collected in the past. With the digital product archive, we are replacing the previous archive DVDs, as there are fewer and fewer computers with a DVD drive.

As before, there are also tried and tested things on the Herpa website: you can view the new releases brochures there, there is, information about events, as well as information about customer service or commercial models.

Yes, it may be that not everything is running to your and our satisfaction yet. The entire Herpa team has been working intensively on the new website over the past few weeks – during ongoing operations. It is now the right time to start with the new website. If you still discover any errors, please check it out and let us know. We continue to work on the website – it is a dynamic process – and develop further functions. These will make collecting easier for you, so you can keep having fun with this hobby.

Now we wish you a lot of fun on

Text and Photos:
Mathias Neigenfind

Facts & Figures

Project team: seven people
Project duration: 1.5 years
Working hours: approximately 2,500
Products available for purchase in the shop: about 1,300
Archive products: approx. 26,000