Home on four wheels

Some participants of the "DER MASS:STAB" model building seminar took on the challenge of building a diorama on the subject of camping. What was different about this task was that participants had one year until unveiling their work at the subsequent seminar in Fulda. Let’s have a look at the results.

Mind you, certain requirements had to be met and these were defined in advance. For example, the diorama had to include at least three campers (whether motorhome, caravan, vehicle plus roof tent, etc.). Furthermore, various typical camping scenes were to be shown, and especially the theme of water had to be explored, in the context of a beach, lake, river, stream, etc. Last but not least, a camper had to be improved (e.g. open door, awning extended, etc.). The dioramas brought along would be examined and discussed individually during the course of the seminar. Here and there, a few tips and suggestions on how to present details in an even more optimal and natural way would likely come up. The seminar leader Mathias Neigenfind presented the builders with a Herpa model as a thank-you for their efforts.

The campers

On the dioramas, simple camping tents, somewhat larger house tents, or roof tents attached to vehicles were positioned by rivers and streams, on a small lake or near the beach. Caravans of different sizes, with or without annexes - even one with a torn awning - were parked in various spots. The top dogs on the campsite, however, are invariably the motorhomes, which appeared in different configurations. From normal camper vans and motorhomes from specialist dealers, to off-road conversions of commercial vehicles, everything was on show here.

The theme of water was a given

This requirement was also implemented by the participants in a variety of ways. For some anglers, the stream alongside the campsite sufficed, while others preferred to depict sunbathing, swimming and diving, or paddle boarding in the sea. Even just splashing around in a small lake is a blessing for some campers, as shown here.

Diorama scenarios

Each participant had their own vision of a camping scene, meaning there were very different and interesting details to find: from an ice cream van to a snack bar with bar tables, a sandpit for the children, a brick barbecue area, and a shower block, it was a broad overview. But there were usually campers to be seen barbecuing right next to their motorhomes or caravans and getting together in a cozy atmosphere. Have fun studying the pictures and discovering the many details.

An overview of the participants‘ dioramas:
[1] Michael Blumauer
[2] Patrik Mühlhäuser
[3] Torsten Solle
[4] Günther Tischler
[5] Matthias Töpfer
[6] Dieter Tretter
Text and photos: Peter Schmäring

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Thanks to our partners

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