Andreas Spector

We mourn Andreas Spector - our longstanding translator. Andreas translated the article descriptions for our Wings department and starting 2023 also did the same for the Cars and Trucks product line. Andreas unexpectedly passed on September 29, 2023 at 59 years of age.

Born in Hamburg, Andreas Spector began his tenure at Herpa in 1999, working in the end customer marketing department. He stayed until 2005. During his time in the company he merged public relations for the product lines “Cars and Trucks” and “Wings”. Notably, he established the standard language and communication with our customers, partners and everyone outside the company. When WingsWorld was first released in 1997, Andreas did all the translations for Herpa. After he left, he kept on doing the translations for Herpa on a freelance basis. A graduate Anglicist and Romanist, Andreas Spector was fluent in English and French. He translated all the publications by Herpa.

Andreas distinguished himself by his reliability and flexibility. Together with his team, which included two proof readers who are native speakers, he not only became well-versed in the specific terminology used for Herpas’ product lines, but also attained comprehensive knowledge of the models and the history of the company that makes them. Many collectors and customers knew him to be a competent and appreciated contact in all things Herpa. With him, we lose a valued, veteran co-worker and say in true hanseatic fashion: “Tschüss* Andreas, you will be missed.” (*farewell)

Text and photo: Thomas Borgmann