Checks of various types

The MASS:STAB Diorama Building Seminar took place for the 21st time from October 27 to 29, 2023. For several years now, Landhotel RHÖNBLICK near Fulda has been our headquarters. Participants come from all over Germany to indulge in their shared hobby and meet like-minded people. They immediately get busy building and exchanging ideas. Herpa always provides the participants with plenty of vehicles so that they can realize a great small-scale scenario. Whether you're a beginner or a modeling pro - the three seminar leaders have just the right tips for everyone. In addition to plenty of craft materials, professional tools, not one but two airbrush systems were available.

Seminar leader Peter Schmäring introduced the topic of "Control" and gave some suggestions for its small-scale implementation. He had also prepared some sample dioramas of various scenarios for viewing. Afterwards, all participants began to plan their ideas using sketches and mock-ups. For all building projects, there was plenty of handicraft material – including some from Herpa’s partners - which was available for everyone on a separate table. In the course of the first afternoon, the first ideas of the diorama builders were already taking shape after the paint and topography had been applied.

Construction preparations

For an initial overview, the participants drew streets and sections of topography on the 30x40 cm building board. Then cut-to-size Depron panels and polystyrene parts were glued on, and the participants worked hard at the filling and modulating needed. Roads and the terrain were then given a coat of paint. At the same time, the participants dismantled the vehicles, opened the doors and tarpaulins, and painted them for use on the showpiece. Construction continued until late Friday evening.

Designing the models’ paint schemes

Away from the craft tables, there was an opportunity to paint vehicles, figures, and components. The company "airbush4you" from Schweinfurt provided a range of paints and cleaners so that nothing stood in the way of designing model paint schemes. Airbrush gun, airbrush cleaning pot, paint mixer, and compressor on hand so that painting could promptly be carried out.

The diorama is perfected

On the second day of the seminar, the participants concentrated fully on building their dioramas. The roads were completed, parts of terrain were planted with Grasmaster, vehicles and components were painted, and figures and accessories placed on the diorama. The many different scenarios were enhanced by small parts that Peter Schmäring first designed on computer and then printed from resin. The seminar room was a hive of activity throughout the day, with the theme being realized in very different ways. Over the course of the evening, the dioramas reached completion, one after the other, and could be admired. At the same time, the participants used the day to exchange handicraft tips and information about vehicles. The lively tinkering was only interrupted by "forced breaks" for lunch, coffee, and dinner, with many lingering at their "construction sites" until late in the evening.

One topic – nine variations

The theme of "control" was interpreted nine times in total. For the seminar leaders Peter Schmäring, Daniel Fuchs, and Mathias Neigenfind, it was interesting to see the different control scenarios that had been created. At the end of the seminar, all the dioramas were photographed - the pictures document the huge variety. All participants received a certificate, and together they decided on the theme for 2024: "Recycling".

[1] Wolfgang Baron
[2] Sabrina & Karsten Behrenz
[3] Michael Blumauer
[4] Patrik Mühlhäuser
[5] Alexander Röllke
[6] Torsten Solle
[7] Alexander Tischler
[8] Günther Tischler
[9] Matthias Töpfer

Up close and personal

As always, there were very interesting diorama scenarios to explore. An entire tree had been strapped to a delivery truck without regard to load safety. Of course, there were also some truck and load inspections. In one of them, officers were amazed when they pulled a smuggler's vehicle out of traffic. Current topics from the news were also implemented in the small scale. Some motorcyclists' add-on parts and the noise level of their exhaust systems were shown being checked, while on another diorama, a wanted criminal was apprehended by police officers during a regular vehicle check. As always, there were some posers on the road in pimped-up vehicles, which were then checked by the police for road safety. Another diorama showed a meeting of the tuner scene with two scantily clad ladies providing car washes.

Deserving of mention is also the enthusiastic participation in the "annual task" on the subject of "camping sites". The dioramas participants brought along were presented and awarded prizes during the seminar. For their efforts, the builders were presented with a Herpa model by Mathias Neigenfind. A report on these dioramas will follow in a separate report in the „DER MASS:STAB“ online magazine.

Text and photos: Peter Schmäring

Register now!

Try your hand, meet like-minded people, and exchange crafting tips! The next model-making seminar on the topic of "Recycling" will take place from October 25 to 27, 2024 at Gasthaus Rhönblick in Petersburg/Steinau. Registration is now open at Further information can be found here. The three seminar leaders will provide assistance so that anyone interested in handicrafts, with or without previous experience, can take part in the seminar.

Thanks to our partners

We would like to thank the following manufacturers for their support of the "DER MASS:STAB" model making seminar.

NOCH, Wangen/Allgäu

airbrush4you, Schweinfurt

Markus Hawener Modellbau


Volkswagen (VW) T 6.1 bus "Police Lower Saxony"
Volkswagen (VW) T 6.1 bus "Police Lower Saxony"
Product number:
MAN G 90 wrecker with platform"Police"
MAN G 90 wrecker with platform"Police"
Product number: