Anniversary seminar

Already for the twentieth time, the DER MASS:STAB model building seminar took place in October. For this anniversary, Herpa came up trumps and provided a very attractive selection of high-quality construction vehicles, including the asphalt milling machine and the new Liebherr excavator. With some new participants, everyone kept on constructing late into the night, talking shop and exchanging experiences. The seminar instructors Peter Schmäring and Daniel Fuchs were always ready to provide advice, so that in the end, many excellent dioramas were created.

From October 28 to 30, 2022, the participants came to the tried and tested premises of the Gasthaus Rhönblick in Petersburg/ Steinau near Fulda, Germany. The new participants were quickly integrated into the circle of “regulars”. The seminar leaders had deliberately kept the topic very open so that everyone could contribute their creativity. “Road construction” could be a construction site, but also the maintenance of the roadside vegetation. Peter Schmäring introduced the topic by giving a short presentation and showed many examples that could be realized in the small scale.

From concept to model

The basis of the diorama was again a wooden plate measuring 30×40 cm. Quickly, the sketches of first ideas could be seen on these base plates. Vehicles were positioned and accessories were placed. Then, it was time for the concrete realization. It was fascinating to see what kinds of design ideas the participants came up with, because everyone had his or her own idea. Motivated and engrossed in the task, construction continued late into the night on the first evening. It is also important to plan the construction, because the night is good for drying painted vehicles or the terrain mass. Thus, building continued until an important construction stage was reached. The work continued early on Saturday.

Being able to try things out

The seminar instructors demonstrated many helpful hints for detailed landscaping, such as filling terrain shapes and flocking them professionally. Participants were also able to try their hand at airbrushing with expert help, repainting vehicles, or covering them with “dirt”, because brand-new construction vehicles look unrealistic. Thanks to the two partners NOCH (terrain construction and equipment material) and “airbrush4you” (airbrush paints and cleaners), who had provided extensive material, the participants could try out many different designing options. Despite the busy work on the objects, there was still time for some nice or informative conversation, and there was a relaxed atmosphere among the group.

The days went by remarkably fast, the first dioramas were already finished on Saturday evening. Last remaining jobs were carried out on Sunday morning, before suggestions and requests for topics for the seminar 2023 were discussed in a farewell round. Afterwards, DER MASS:STAB editor-in-chief Mathias Neigenfind presented certificates of participation and accepted the first binding registrations.

The result of the seminar is impressive - here are the dioramas that were created.
Text: Peter Schmäring
Photos: Peter Schmäring und Mathias Neigenfind

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The next modeling seminar with the theme “Control” will take place from October 27 to 29, 2023, again at Gasthaus Rhönblick in Petersburg/Steinau. The theme “Control” has again been chosen to be deliberately open, because it could be a border control, a heavy load control, or a police control at night. Registrations are now accepted by sending an e-mail to Further information is also available from him.

Thanks a lot for the friendly cooperation

NOCH, Wangen/Allgäu

airbrush4you, Schweinfurt