Airbrush for Beginners and Professionals

The airbrush guns from Gaahleri are relatively new on the German market. The manufacturer from China supplies high-quality airbrush guns for everyone from beginners to professionals. All "airbrushes" have plug-in nozzles with a sophisticated air channel system. They allow Herpa mini kits, for example, to be designed according to your own wishes. MASS:STAB reporter Heinz Hofmann tested the airbrush for us.

Of particular interest is the Gaahleri GHAD-39 (Advanced series), an entry-level airbrush with great potential and value for money. Indeed, this airbrush costs just under 60.00 euros and offers more than comparable airbrushes in the entry-level segment. With this 2-in-1 airbrush, the user receives a double-action gun with paint volume limiter and plug-in nozzle system as well as two nozzle sets. The airbrush is suitable for fine lines and flat coloring.

Gaahleri Advenced GHAD -39

Scope of supply

The airbrush gun and the accessories included in the set are very well packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with a foam insert. A short instruction manual (including German), replacement seals, and care products are included with the GHAD 39, as is a second set of nozzles (0.50 mm). Specifically:
• Good-quality, double action airbrush
• 0.35 mm nozzle set mounted on the airbrush
• 0.50 mm nozzle set enclosed
• Two paint cups (2.5 ml and 5 ml)
• The airbrush has an adjustable paint quantity limiter
• Plug nipple for connection to quick coupling
• “Lube" care product
• Spare O-rings
• Exploded view printed inside the lid
• Quick start guide - in German as well

The opened packaging of the GHAD-39. Everything comes well packaged. The exploded view is printed inside the lid.

What is it like to work with the GHAD-39?

Initial tests have shown good handling and ease of use. The airbrush is very comfortable to handle, the finger lever action being smooth and individualized by applying more or less pressure on the spring via the needle guide sleeve. The paint quantity limiter determines the travel of the finger lever, making it easy to adjust paint quantity and adapt it to your own preferences. The plug-in nozzle with its lateral air channels enables a good spray pattern. Cleaning - especially the nozzle - is no problem even for beginners thanks to the plug-in system.

The Gaahleri GHAD-39 is comfortable to hold when working.
Loading trough (1:87) painted with the Gaahleri GHAD-30.

What else characterizes the GHAD 39?

The ease of handling when changing or replacing nozzles with the other nozzle set supplied also deserves mention. Above all, this change is quick and easy. The plug-in nozzle with its lateral air channels enables a good spray pattern. It is also worth noting that all Gaahleri models are solvent-resistant.

Airbrush head disassembled with nozzle, nozzle head, air head, and sealing ring

Further comments

Even after prolonged use in model making, the gun remains stable and continues to perform reliably. Nevertheless, closed needle protection caps tend to accumulate paint, which can lead to unwanted paint splashes. A 6-hole and crown cap are available as accessories for users who do not like working with the all-round closed air cap. The operating instructions included with the airbrush briefly and concisely explain how to use it and provide maintenance tips. There are also some tips on working with the GHAD-39 and what a good spray pattern should look like.

Gaahleri 0-35 mm horizontal plug-in nozzle. The side air ducts are clearly visible.


"Simply super: inexpensive and remarkably good!" says Heinz Hofmann and has nothing to add. The air brush has won him over. The GHAD-39 is exactly the right choice for beginners, but the manufacturer Gaahleri also offers higher-priced alternatives - a brief overview can be found here.

GHAD-39 - Airbrush 2-in-1 set with mini air filter. The mini air filter makes the gun even easier to hold.


In addition to the airbrush discussed here, Gaahleri also offers other high-quality and attractively priced airbrush guns for hobbyists. The GHAD 98 gun has a higher-quality finish, offers improved nozzle technology features, and is supplied with two nozzle sets.

The difference: The Advanced series (GHAD 39) uses a brass coating for the nozzle, while the Ace series (GHAD 98) uses white bronze, which offers greater hardness for longer service life. This is particularly evident in its spraying precision: sharper lines for fine details.

The Advanced series uses standard steel for the needle, while the Ace series uses special steel, which is more wear-resistant and flexible. In addition, the surface is highly polished to reduce friction during painting and thus prevent clogging due to paint build-up at the tip of the needle.

The Advanced series has a glossy surface that is easy to clean. The Ace series benefits from polishing technology, resulting in mirror-like surfaces virtually free of machining marks and extremely easy to clean.

GHAC-98 with both nozzle sets included

The airbrush guns in the Mobius series from Gaahleri are the premium series. They are high-quality and reliable airbrushes for professionals and ambitious users. The MOBIUS 02 PREMIUM AIRBRUSH with precision air control system features an ergonomic, square main lever for smooth control, a spiral MAC nozzle for an even and stable airflow, and a mirror-like paint cup for easier cleaning.

In addition, the GHPM-Mobius 03 offers a MAC valve precision air knob. With longer and finer control threads, this ensures a seamless tuning experience and offers precise control.

Mobius 0.3 is supplied with a paint flow limiter, but without an air flow limiter.

The StudioG's Swallowtail Trigger Airbrush comes with three different nozzle sizes (0.28mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm), giving you the flexibility to tackle all airbrush jobs from fine details to large areas. It is suitable for all types of work. This includes fine art, scale modeling, and large-scale work. The paint cups are polished to a high gloss, which helps with everyday paint changes and prevents build-up, saving time. Each airbrush is supplied with a 10ml and a 20ml paint cup. The ultimate precision of this gun is ideal for Smart Repair and many other airbrushing and painting jobs.

Gaahleri Studio G Trigger Airbrush 3-in-1.
Text and photos: Heinz Hofmann


In addition to an airbrush starter set, Airbrush4you also offers an airbrush beginner set. Both sets include a small oil-free compressor and other important accessories for getting started in airbrushing. Further information is available at:

Herpa MiniKit: Mercedes-Benz sprinter box-type flat roof
Herpa MiniKit: Mercedes-Benz sprinter box-type flat roof
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