U.S. Air Force Convair XB-58 Hustler - B-58 Test Force – 55-0661 “Mach-in-Boid”

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To this day, the sleek delta-winged Convair B-58 Hustler with its slim coke-bottle fuselage remains a fascinating aircraft. 55-0661 was the second prototype of Convair’s Mach-2 strategic bomber and took off on its maiden flight on February 16, 1957. Nicknamed “Mach-in-Boid”, she was extensively used for tests and evaluation, among several other firsts, being the first “Hustler” to conduct inflight refueling tests, the first to carry the unique combined fuel tank/weapons pod, or the first to test in-flight emergency ejection at supersonic speeds using a pressurized escape pod.
Manufacturer Convair
Scale 1:200
Operator U.S. Air Force
Category News, WINGS
Wings Type B-58 Hustler
Collection military
Material metal
Color grey, white, red
Aircraft Registration 55-0661
Release Date May/June 2024