TAA Trans Australian Airlines Vickers Viscount 800 – VH-TVQ "McDouall Stuart"

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Trans Australian Airlines was one of the first airlines in the world to add the then revolutionary Vickers Viscount to its fleet. It was the first aircraft at TAA to be equipped with a pressurized cabin, resulting in a more enjoyable flight experience for passengers. TAA ordered a total of 16 Viscounts, which were delivered between 1954 and 1964 and operated until 1971. In the late 1950s, TAA introduced a new livery in which the tails of their aircraft were painted in dayglow orange. The luminous paint was introduced with the aim of making the aircraft more easily recognizable in the sky in order to increase safety. Polished aluminum, which was common until then, tends to mirror the colors of its surroundings, making the aircraft more difficult to spot. The "day-glow" livery was only used for about three years, as the paint faded and peeled off quickly. Nevertheless, the color scheme became a distinctive feature of TAA to this day.
Manufacturer Vickers
Scale 1:200
Operator TAA - Trans Australia Airlines
Category WINGS
Wings Type Viscount
Material metal
Color grey, orange
Wingspan 131 mm
Aircraft Registration VH-TVQ
Release Date September/October 2023