JAT Jugoslav Airlines Boeing 727-200 – YU-AKJ

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Product number: 537599
Delivery Time: June 2024


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Although Europe’s airlines never came close to operating the same huge fleets of Boeing’s legendary trijet as the airlines on their home market in the United States, it was nevertheless a centerpiece of the mid-range fleet of several major carriers in the 1970s and 1980s. Therefore, they need to be part of our series of models commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Boeing 727. JAT Yugoslav Airlines had a historically remarkable position: Yugoslavia was a one-party, socialist state, but remained a neutral position between the two major blocks in the Cold War, keeping ties to both East and West. Following the transition to a market-based economy, JAT took advantage of the new jet aircraft offered by Western companies such as Douglas and Boeing. The first of twenty 727s were delivered from 1974 and used on routes throughout Europe, to destinations on both sides of the Iron Curtain. The last 727 was only retired in 2005.
Manufacturer Boeing
Scale 1:500
Operator JAT Airways
Category News, WINGS
Wings Type 727-200
Material metal
Color white, red, blue
Aircraft Registration YU-AKJ
Release Date May/June 2024