Buran Space Orbiter OK-GLI / BTS-002 - Technik-Museum Speyer - CCCP-3501002

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One of the most spectacular exhibits of the Technik-Museum in Speyer on the Rhine River, which is hardly lacking in highlights as it is, is the original of this prototype of the Soviet space transporter Buran OK-GLI. Weighing 80 metric tons, and having a length of 36 meters, the orbiter which performed two atmospheric flights from 1984 to 1989, is the centerpiece of the space exhibition hall. It was powered by four jet engines at the tail, which allowed it to take off and land independently, unlike NASA’s similar-looking Space Shuttle. The 1/400-scale model of this legendary space transporter comes without landing gear, but with a display stand.
Manufacturer RKK Energija
Scale 1:400
Category WINGS
Wings Type Buran
Material plastic
Color white
Aircraft Registration CCCP-3501002
Release Date May/June 2022