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Each Herpa model is developed with great attention to detail and produced by hand. If, despite the utmost care, you should nevertheless discover defects or damage to a newly purchased model, you have the right to complain about the model, of course. Please understand, however, that a free complaint can only be made in the event of a defective or damaged delivery of the item, and must be made where you purchased the model.

If you purchased the model from one of our retailers, please contact him or her in case of a justified complaint. If you purchased the model from our online shop, please note that we can only accept a free complaint within six months of purchase. Therefore, please enclose a corresponding dated proof of purchase with your complaint. Without such a receipt, we can only process your request as a billable service, for which we have to charge 10 € for processing (max. 3 small parts), shipping and handling, plus the cost of the parts.

We would also like to point out that the components for each model are manufactured individually, and therefore only a small number of spare parts are available to us for each model for up to two years after manufacture.

Please keep in mind, if you change your residence, to let our customer service staff know your new address by means of your ticket.

Please note that the ticket system is only intended for spare parts inquiries or complaints.
If you have any queries regarding your online order, please contact

Customer Ticketsystem

Customer Ticketsystem