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New releases 07-08-2024

An old Opel model makes a new appearance: the Opel Kadett E as a GSi convertible - just in time for summer. The new Meiller AK12 skip loaders appear as Herpa MiniKits - in white as MAN and in red as Mercedes-Benz. The PUCH convertible will also be available as a Herpa MiniKit. The Boeing 727-200 will appear in the “Solid New Dark Blue” variant from Braniff International in a limited edition of 1:500. Condor’s popular “bath towels” are getting a new addition: D-ATCG was one of the first A321s to be repainted in 2022.

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New releases 05-06-2024

One of this year’s first highlights we presented at the Nuremburg toy fair was the VW ID.BUZZ. It is coming earlier than planned and, in addition to two monochrome versions, there is also a neutral fire engine. There are also two classics - the right-hand drive Mini Mayfair with two-piece grille and additional headlights, and the Alpina B11 based on the E32 of the late 1980s. The series celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Boeing 727 will continue in May and June. With Air France and ex-Yugoslavia’s JAT, the first models of the unmistakable three-engine aircraft in service at European operators will now follow. There is also a Boeing 727-200 in red from the colorful Braniff International.

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Modellbau Schwarz 2024/25

The high-quality vehicles of the "Modellbau Schwarz Collection" are far above average in terms of detail. Precise planning is required to keep the edition that exclusive. This is why there is now a separate catalogue for the "Modellbau Schwarz Collection". These models can only be ordered from Herpa retailers.

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New releases 03-04-2024

Classic cars are much sought-after collector's models, and so Herpa is reissuing two real classics. For one, the VW Beetle 1303 with indicators on the fender and "elephant feet" at the rear, and to boot, the Mercedes 300 SL Gullwing from 1955. As of the toy fair, Heide-Logistik will be running an original refrigerated semitrailer truck advertising "75 years of Herpa" – and the model will be released at the same time. The Boeing "Dreamlifter" is coming out as a Herpa mold novelty in the 1:500 scale. It is the US counterpart to the "BelugaXL" from European manufacturer Airbus. Meanwhile, Embraer has presented another impressive "Profit Hunter". Herpa is initially presenting the new "Tech Eagle" in the 1:200 scale and with its striking paintwork.

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New releases 01-02-2024

The Mercedes-EQ EQC now also appears in brilliant blue metallic and the S-Class in emerald green metallic. The rainbow look is new at Hapag-Lloyd, and Herpa has rendered it perfectly in the shape of another acargo model. Herpa is furthermore realizing the anniversary truck for the 60th anniversary of the Höhner forwarding company as a model. Another 60th anniversary is celebrated with the Boeing 727 over the coming months with a selection of new 1:500 scale models in classic liveries, for example those of Delta and Pan Am. Another variant of the heavyweight Antonov AN-124 is now being released with "Be brave like Okhtyrka". It is named after the town of Okhtyrka, which withstood Russian attacks in spring 2022.

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New releases 11-12-2023

With the new MAN tractor, Herpa is offering the first electric truck model. Scania's Crewcab fire engine will be released in a neutral color scheme, but with a more upbeat design. For fire engines with turntable ladders, there is a new, closed equipment box for the right side. A new overland bus of Reiser from Ebersberg near Munich, a Setra 315 HDH, will be released, as well as a Scania CR 20 long train with two box trailers for UPS Spain, both as limited editions. The model of the Lufthansa show truck is also strictly limited. The 1/87 scale Actros semitrailer is being sent on tour by Germany's largest airline to present its new cabin interior. After 24 years, Dubai-based Emirates is refreshing its livery. The flag will have a "3D effect", while the "Emirates" titles will be significantly enlarged. The molds of the Lockheed C-130 Hercules will also be modernized, allowing the production of models of the current production variant C-130J "Super Hercules" in the 1/500 scale. And the A330 model from Aerolineas Argentinas with its special World Cup livery, with the famous soccer player Lionel Messi on the stabilizer.

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New releases 09-10-2023

After some time, several collector’s themes (Mammoet and Felbermayr) reappear after a long absence. It is a tribute to their drivers: the shipping company Wandt in Brunswick replaces the company lettering in their logo on the driver’s doors with the name of the respective driver. The first Herpa model with an Iveco S-Way tractor will be released with the name of “Timo” – by the way, this is the 115th model that Herpa realizes together with Wandt. And there will be another new type with this year’s Christmas model: a DAF XG+ tractor pulls a 15-m volume semitrailer. Until now, the 15-m semitrailer has only been available in the standard height. Traditionally, the Christmas model features golden hubcaps and additional golden applications. Another new release of historical interest is the Junkers-Larsen JL-6, with which Junkers-Werke achieved its first, albeit brief, successes in the USA shortly after the end of World War I. The model will delight not only Wings collectors, but also H0 fans.

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New releases 07-08-2023

The Audi V8, Citroen GS, or the Ford Capri are very popular Herpa collector models, which are quickly sold out. Therefore, these models are now available in new color variants. Among the solo tractors, the Scania 143 will be released in a pimped outfit, including pipes. A new type is the MAN TGX GX 4-axle tractor with air suspension. MAN only offers air suspension for 3-axle tractors, but Wierda in the Netherlands installs a fourth axle for interested customers. There are many shades of blue among the upcoming releases: one important gap is filled by the KLM “Triple Seven” in the 1/500-scale fleet. There’s also a chic Italian A350 in metallic blue from Alitalia’s successor, ITA Airways, as well as a follow-up edition of Lufthansa’s recommissioned super jumbo.

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New releases 05-06-2023

After a long time, the popular Porsche models 911 Carrera and 911 Turbo will be released as convertibles in a new color design. In addition to the already released sedan, the BMW Alpina B5 Touring is available as a new type. New to the Herpa family is a Volvo Globetrotter XL refrigerated semitrailer truck from the shipping company Girteka in Lithuania. With around 10,000 vehicles, it is one of the largest shipping companies in Europe. With the “Lovehansa”, Lufthansa is sending out another signal for openness, tolerance, and diversity. The Airbus A320neo will be released first in the 1/200 scale, followed later by a 1/500-scale version.

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New releases 03-04-2023

The highlight and new type among the passenger car models is the new BMW Alpina B5 as a sedan, which is already based on the facelift of the current BMW of the 5 series. In a small edition, Herpa is releasing a new model from the Mat Look Edition for the anniversary of Signal Reklame in a special box. The highlight among the tractor units is the new DAF XG+. This one has a particularly long cab and, accordingly, a longer chassis. The white tractor will be released in the regular retail program, while it will be produced in red and Tuscan yellow metallic as a one-time edition. Initial models of the “flying beach towels” were very successful in the SnapFit series, and are now being followed by metal models in the new Condor colors in the 1/500 scale.

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