Russian Air Force Tupolev TU-22M3 “Backfire” - 43rd Guards Center of Combat Application and Air Crew Training, Dyagilevo Air Base – RF-34075 / 24 red

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In the 1960s, the Tupolev Design Bureau first attempted a swing-wing design in the form of its TU-22M. The wings were intended primarily to provide good takeoff and landing characteristics, economical cruise flight, and, if necessary, supersonic flight regimes with the wings swept back. The main production version was the TU-22M3, which first flew in June 1977. For complex training on the bomber, the 43rd Combat and Air Crew Training Center in Dyagilevo still exists to this day. In addition to several other aircraft, a number of TU-22M3s are located at the site for training purposes, one of these being RF-34075.
Manufacturer Tupolev
Scale 1:200
Operator Russian Air Force
Category WINGS
Wings Type TU-22
Material metal
Color white
Wingspan 171 mm
Aircraft Registration RF-34075 / 24red
Release Date September/October 2022