Luftwaffe Transall C-160 - LTG 63 / Air Transport Wing, Hohn Air Base “Retro Brummel” - Transall Fly-out 2021 – 5040

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After more than 50 years of reliable operations, the era of the Transall in the German Air Force is inevitably coming to an end. By December 2021, the last remaining aircraft will be retired and Transport Wing 63, the last unit to operate the C-160, will be inactivated. The aircraft is nicknamed “Retro-Brummel” – the word “Brummel” describing the distinctive engine sound which reminded crews of the buzzing noise made by a bumblebee, which happens to also be featured in the unit’s emblem. The color scheme interweaves all liveries applied to a Transall in German service over the decades: starting with the natural silver finish of the first trial aircraft, to the “Norm 72”-camouflage from the 1970s with its striking orange elements, including areas in white for the aircraft used on UN missions up to the camouflage scheme of today.
Manufacturer Transall
Scale 1:200
Operator Luftwaffe
Category WINGS
Wings Type C-160
Material metal
Color Gray
Release Date September/October 2021