Scania CS 20 HD jumbotank semitrailer "Ingo Dinges" (Rheinland-Pfalz/Grünstadt)

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Dinges Logistics celebrated a special anniversary at the end of August 2022: The 100th airbrushed Viking went into operation! In addition to additional tank containers, container chassis and chemical tanks, approximately 20 new tractor units have been added since the fall of 2021, including the 100th airbrushed Viking! Dinges Logistics was founded in 2000 by Ingo Dinges. At that time, he was a self-employed professional driver and had one tractor unit with which he handled his orders as a one-man business. Due to his family background, his passion for the Scandinavian peninsula and the Viking culture has always accompanied him. For this reason, he had his first own tractor unit provided with a special airbrush design reflecting this passion - at that time completely unaware of the fact that he was almost creating his own brand with it (Herpa item number 121316). The first Viking, with which it all began, now stands in perfect condition in the company's own "Oldtimer Museum" in Grünstadt. Ingo Dinges dedicated it at that time to his father, who was also a professional driver and had a decisive influence on his son in many respects. Starting with Viking No. 1, the Viking airbrush tradition for tractor units has continued throughout the years of the company's history and has now become the company's trademark. The airbrush design of this tractor has been carefully thought out. For example, important elements of the company were depicted, such as the tank cleaning facility opened in 2015, as well as the container terminal. In addition, a shot of the special Scania Haubers was airbrushed on Viking No. 100 and you can also find father Otto Dinges on it.
Manufacturer Scania
Scale 1:87
Operator Ingo Dinges
Category Cars & Trucks
Carstrucks Type semitrailer truck
Collection freight forwarding
Material plastic
Color blue
Release Date May/June 2023