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New releases and background reports in moving images
Herpa.TV September 2017  
Special Issue for the International Motor Show Cars IAA in Frankfurt
Herpa.TV Toy Fair 2017  
Special Issue for the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
Herpa.TV Toy Fair 2016  
Special Issue for the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
Herpa.TV September 2015  
Special Issue for the International Motor Show Cars IAA in Frankfurt
Herpa.TV June / July 2015  
Topics of this issue: Interschutz fair Hannover, Super Constellation, Audi R8
Herpa.TV February 2015  

Special for the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg
Herpa.TV September 2014  

Special for the IAA Commercial Vehicles 2014 in Hannover.
Herpa.TV June 2014  

Look behind the scenes - production of the 747-8, clowns, horses and acrobats - Circus Roncalli, on behalf of the collector - ILA Tour together with Herpa product manager Stephan Kuelgen
Herpa.TV Toy Fair Special  

New releases and highlights from the Toy Fair
Herpa.TV July 2013  

Day of Open House in Dietenhofen
Herpa.TV IAA 2017  
Special Issue for the International Motor Show Cars IAA in Frankfurt
Herpa.TV March 2013  

View into production - the new Herpa MAN TG, from glamour plane to the brink of disaster - the history of Pan Am, stacker for the container terminal facility - Liebherr Reachstacker
Herpa.TV February 2013  

Toy Fair Special
Herpa.TV November 2012  
Christmas market and model fair in Dietenhofen For 1.50 Euros to London – Ryanair Miniature patrol for the Bavarian police – Secretary of the Interior gets Herpa models
Herpa.TV October 2012  
Vintage vehicle for agriculture - Mc Cormick tractor, For short distances - the new Mercedes-Benz Antos, Queen of the skies - Boeing 747-8
Herpa.TV September 2012  
Fair Special showing all the highlights of the IAA Hannover and the ILA, Berlin
Herpa.TV August 2012  
Piggyback – Herpa wrecker, The Concorde of the East – TU 144 and household appliance on wheels – Fiat Panda
Special "Day of Open House"  
Special issue of Herpa.TV from the Day of Open House at the Herpa Headquater in Dietenhofen
Herpa.TV May 2012  

Hare Force One - Bunnies in the clouds, You order online, your retailer delivers. The Herpa trademark shop, IFA G5 - Vehicle history of former Eastern Germany
Herpa.TV April 2012  

From Brunswick to Europe – forwarder Wandt, Southbound bargains – Sun Express, A soft spot for powerful trucks – forwarder Stelzl
Herpa.TV March 2012  

Crazy but successful – Kulula Airlines, Out of the traffic jam – Cessna 1172 ADAC traffic monitoring, Ziegler Z8 apron fire engine
Herpa.TV February 2012  

Toy Fair Special
Herpa.TV November  

Space craft sans fly experience - Buran, strong vehicle - Zetros, looking forward to christmas with Herpa - Christmas Market in Dietenhofen
Herpa.TV October 2011  

From train to plane - Deutsche Bahn features Tuifly special livery, Herpa presents - the Roman Empire, Energy turnaround for your model creation - wind power made by Herpa
Herpa.TV September 2011  
Special from the International Motor Show IAA in Frankfurt
Herpa.TV July 2011  

New generation - The Herpa Actros 2011 Peanuts for the showcase - Condor Peanuts More than 90 vehicles and many fans - circus Charles Knie
Herpa.TV June 2011  

You are invited - day of the open house, Emirates airlines, Ristimaa trucks
Herpa.TV May 2011  

Show truck fan from Franconia, the new Morgernstern show truck, Flying bull –The Flying Bulls DC-6, From army vehicle to cult vintage vehicle – Trabant Kübel
Herpa.TV April 2011  

Step right up for a truck repair in the meadow - behind the scenes of Circus Krone Legendary bankruptcy: TWA in portrait Colorful silos from Tyrol: Forwarder Melmer
Herpa.TV March 2011  
Technically unique vehicle for fire service operations - the Empl fire engine, suitable for airports and gravel fields - the C-17, 1/87 scale home - the herpa prefabricated house
Herpa.TV Februar 2011  
Herpa.TV Special issue from the International Toy Fair 2011
Herpa.TV November 2010  

Cult car for the upper class - the Mercedes Benz SLS, The final class reunion - DC3 in Illinois, Look behind the scenes: The production of the Antonov AN-225 model
Herpa.TV October 2010  
Special issue from the IAA fair in Hannover
Herpa.TV September 2010  

Petrol in the veins – The forwarding company Schumacher – A portrait, Let the show begin – Circus Knie, From ocean carrier to holiday carrier - TUIfly
Herpa.TV August 2010  
Herpa.TV July 2010  

Airbus A380, Trucker Party Interlaken, Herpa Quality Management
Herpa.TV June 2010  

Berlin Air Show, Herpa garbage container, Welcome - Day of the Open House
Herpa.TV May 2010  

Lights off, models on – Herpa Scenix now available – A few steps to the mountain top – the Gotthard diorama in Central Franconia – Flying presidential office – The Air Force One
Herpa.TV April  

Big forwarder in small scale - Riwatrans Flying crown - Iberia Holzkirchen fire department
Herpa.TV March  
Cosmetics from Sweden - Scania R facelift, holiday airline from the 60ies, technical highlight in the 1/87 scale - Jungheinrich fork lifter
Herpa.TV February  

New Releases at the International Toy Fair, Nuremberg
Herpa.TV November / December  

Christmas market at Herpa – Lux deprinter – raffle: Christmas surprise package
Herpa.TV October 2009  

The topless dream - Audi R8 Spyder, MAN TGX - a model on it´s way to the retailer store, New job for Herpa fans: Become airport manager
Herpa.TV September 2009  

Special issue International Motor Show Frankfurt
Herpa.TV August 2009  

Happy Birthday - 100th anniversary of Audi Chamallow learns to fly - Tuifly Goldbair Portrait - Max Boegl company
Herpa.TV July 2009  
Welcome at Herpa - Open House at Herpa 2009, The world of scale 1/160 – "Miniatur-Erlebniswelt" in Dietenhofen, The sun in the tank – the Solar-Impulse project
Herpa.TV June 2009  

You are invited - Open House at Herpa, Richthofen's 50th anniversary - the Air Force is celebrating, back to the future - the Borgward is back
Herpa.TV May 2009  

Everything for quality – Herpa’s quality manager, raise the curtain – the car repair shop of the circus Krone, door opens, airplane is loaded, door closes – the Boeing Dreamlifter
Herpa.TV April 2009  

A must for the construction site - Langendorf concrete component transporter, Gentle giant - Zeppelin NT
Herpa.TV March 2009  
Herpa's 60th Anniversary - from kitchen appliances to the A380 Workplace with a view - the Talke Container Terminal Sporty speedster for your pocket - A glance into the production of the M3 Coupé
Herpa.TV February 2009  
Highlights of the International Toy Fair, Nuremberg
Herpa.TV November 2008  
Breakdown service for trucks – EMPL Wrecker Aces incoming – Herpa Fighter Christmas Time at Herpa
Herpa.TV October 2008  
Pharaos and tomb raiders from the Upper Palatine – Herpa presents Egypt, Heavily loaded old aunt - Transall C-160, International Motor Show Commercial - a review of the most important ones.
Herpa.TV IAA Special  

Herpa TV in this issue from the IAA in Hannover: With the shark on the autobahn – Herpa presents oceans Flying advertising pillar – Herpa DC-3 Gummi bears and cigarettes – portrait of the forwarder Sturm
Herpa.TV August 2008  
Rolling potatoes - portrait of the company Henglein, eagle eye at 30,000 feet - NATO AWACS, high class airbrushing
Herpa.TV July 2008  
Krampe Big Body 650, Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, portrait of Tuifly, Modellbahnwelt Oberhausen just a few days before its opening
Herpa.TV June 2008  
Herpa Summer Party Special
Herpa.TV in May 2008  
Topics of this issue:
The AirBerlin hub in Nuremberg, High Emotions - Fulda Showtruck now available as Scenix model, Herpa Summer Party
Herpa.TV in April 2008  
Topics of this issue:
illuminated vehicles for the model rail way, Catalina PBY5, how to remove imprints for remodelers
Herpa.TV in March 2008  
Topics of this issue: Condor Rizzi Bird, Hamm DV 90, Sleepless with Scenix
Herpa.TV in February 2008  
Topics of this issue: Toy fair special
Herpa.TV January 2008  
Topics of this issue: The new MAN TGX NASA Space Shuttle Truck-Highlight: Ghosts of the South Seas
Herpa.TV in November 2007  
Topics of this issue: John Deere forage harvester The history of utility vehicles Lufthansa 747-100
Herpa.TV in December 2007  
Topics of this issue: Southwest Airlines „Slam Dunk One“ Airport manager with Herpa Scenix newTrabi at the IAA 2007
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