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Herpa.TV July 2008
New releases and background reports in moving images.

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Herpa.TV November / December  

Christmas market at Herpa – Lux deprinter – raffle: Christmas surprise package
Herpa.TV October 2009  

The topless dream - Audi R8 Spyder, MAN TGX - a model on it´s way to the retailer store, New job for Herpa fans: Become airport manager
Herpa.TV September 2009  

Special issue International Motor Show Frankfurt
Herpa.TV August 2009  

Happy Birthday - 100th anniversary of Audi Chamallow learns to fly - Tuifly Goldbair Portrait - Max Boegl company
Herpa.TV July 2009  
Welcome at Herpa - Open House at Herpa 2009, The world of scale 1/160 – "Miniatur-Erlebniswelt" in Dietenhofen, The sun in the tank – the Solar-Impulse project
Herpa.TV June 2009  

You are invited - Open House at Herpa, Richthofen's 50th anniversary - the Air Force is celebrating, back to the future - the Borgward is back
Herpa.TV May 2009  

Everything for quality – Herpa’s quality manager, raise the curtain – the car repair shop of the circus Krone, door opens, airplane is loaded, door closes – the Boeing Dreamlifter
Herpa.TV April 2009  

A must for the construction site - Langendorf concrete component transporter, Gentle giant - Zeppelin NT
Herpa.TV March 2009  
Herpa's 60th Anniversary - from kitchen appliances to the A380 Workplace with a view - the Talke Container Terminal Sporty speedster for your pocket - A glance into the production of the M3 Coupé
Herpa.TV February 2009  
Highlights of the International Toy Fair, Nuremberg
Herpa.TV November 2008  
Breakdown service for trucks – EMPL Wrecker Aces incoming – Herpa Fighter Christmas Time at Herpa
Herpa.TV October 2008  
Pharaos and tomb raiders from the Upper Palatine – Herpa presents Egypt, Heavily loaded old aunt - Transall C-160, International Motor Show Commercial - a review of the most important ones.
Herpa.TV IAA Special  

Herpa TV in this issue from the IAA in Hannover: With the shark on the autobahn – Herpa presents oceans Flying advertising pillar – Herpa DC-3 Gummi bears and cigarettes – portrait of the forwarder Sturm
Herpa.TV August 2008  
Rolling potatoes - portrait of the company Henglein, eagle eye at 30,000 feet - NATO AWACS, high class airbrushing
Herpa.TV July 2008  
Krampe Big Body 650, Truck Grand Prix at the Nürburgring, portrait of Tuifly, Modellbahnwelt Oberhausen just a few days before its opening
Herpa.TV June 2008  
Herpa Summer Party Special
Herpa.TV in May 2008  
Topics of this issue:
The AirBerlin hub in Nuremberg, High Emotions - Fulda Showtruck now available as Scenix model, Herpa Summer Party
Herpa.TV in April 2008  
Topics of this issue:
illuminated vehicles for the model rail way, Catalina PBY5, how to remove imprints for remodelers
Herpa.TV in March 2008  
Topics of this issue: Condor Rizzi Bird, Hamm DV 90, Sleepless with Scenix
Herpa.TV in February 2008  
Topics of this issue: Toy fair special
Herpa.TV January 2008  
Topics of this issue: The new MAN TGX NASA Space Shuttle Truck-Highlight: Ghosts of the South Seas
Herpa.TV in November 2007  
Topics of this issue: John Deere forage harvester The history of utility vehicles Lufthansa 747-100
Herpa.TV in December 2007  
Topics of this issue: Southwest Airlines „Slam Dunk One“ Airport manager with Herpa Scenix newTrabi at the IAA 2007
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