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Tekno metal models
The cult brand for truck models in scale 1:50

The greatest attention to detail, lots of individual components and always new molds make Tekno metal models very special collector’s items in the 1/50 scale.

All Tekno metal models are released in small editions of 100 to 500 pieces only. So almost every model is a unique copy, with details like hoses, warning signs, auxiliary headlamps and other fixtures waiting to be discovered. Nevertheless, all models are strictly manufactured according to the original plans of the vehicle manufactures and are produced with lots of manual work.

The Tekno model series is divided into three series :

The Tekno Special series stands out for its numerous and elaborate originals from the areas of forwarding and logistics, and is designed to render the tiniest details on almost countless prints. The Basis-Plus series contains models featuring original paintwork and many details but still offering room for tailored designs beyond these color accents.

The Basis series presents blank models in white for special conversions and hobbyists. Paint the models yourself and make them your very own individual collector’s item in the 1/50 scale.
Tekno Basis
Unprinted models in white color
Tekno Basis Plus
True to original painted models with many details
Tekno Special
Limited collector's highlights
Unprinted and unpainted - for real model builders!
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