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559485  Lufthansa - new 2018 colors Boeing 747-400
169,95 EUR *

Named after the North German city of Kiel, D-ABVM was the first 747- 400 to receive the new corporate design. This special and limited edition of the “Queen of the Skies” sports several extraordinary features, such as individually inserted landing lights or landing gear held by magnets which can be removed to emphasize the elegance of the jumbo jet when in flight. A sturdy metal display stand is included. 

Material:     Metallmodell / Made of metal 
Collection:     WINGS
Announced as:     New release 
Brochure:     Herpa Wings 2019 / 01-02 
Current color ex works:     Kennung: D-ABVM "Kiel" / Registration: D-ABVM "Kiel" 

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Artikel in Produktion          Item in production             17.05.2019  17.05.2019: Artikel in Produktion Item in production
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Manufacturer:  Boeing
Type:  747-400
Label:  Lufthansa
Series:  Europe


* Recommended retail price, incl. VAT inside the EU, subject to change.
Small scale and life-like model for adult collectors or kit for the assembly of detailed scale model, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years!

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