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121910  MAN TGX XXL Euro 6c refrigerated box semitrailer "Müller / Stauder Pils"
59,95 EUR *

The airbrush artist Sabine Krbecek from Mülheim designed this elaborately painted show truck on behalf of Volker Müller from Essen. The company’s founder initially cooperated with the Stauder brewery from Essen. This almost personal relationship has lasted to this very day, and was also impressively underlined on the show truck. The left side of the vehicle is very colorful, while the right side carries only historical black-and-white motifs. The limited-edition Herpa model comes in the well-known Showcase. 

Material:     Hochwertiges Kunststoffmodell / Made of high quality plastic 
Collection:     CARS&TRUCKS
Announced as:     New release 
Brochure:     Herpa Cars & Trucks 2019 / 01-02 

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Manufacturer:  MAN
Type:  TGX XXL
Series:  Shipping company
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* Recommended retail price, incl. VAT inside the EU, subject to change.
Small scale and life-like model for adult collectors or kit for the assembly of detailed scale model, not a toy! Not suitable for children under 14 years!

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